Cleaning rims

Cleaning rims

Cleaning rims remains one of the most important topics in car and truck washes. From complete renovation of the rim to the removal of brake dust, here follows a summary of the options available. We distinguish three groups of wheel cleaners: acidic-, alkaline- and pH neutral wheel cleaners.

Acidic wheel cleaners

These are characterized by their strength and are used in some carwashes but they are still the most prominent wheel cleaner in truck washes. While wheel cleaners using HF-acid are very effective, they are toxic to humans and the environment. In addition with repetitive use they can damage the wheels. KENOTEK offers within the range non-toxic cleaners with the same effectiveness.

Alkaline wheel cleaners

This group of alkaline cleaners has been making the most progress over the last years. When using an alkaline wheel cleaner in combination with mechanical action, we can obtain a perfect result. In addition, alkaline wheel cleaners have some interesting strengths: compatibility with the water recycling system, they are not harmful to concrete surfaces and safe for the car wash chain.

pH-neutral wheel cleaner

This wheel cleaner is extremely effective and 100% safe for humans and the environment. After applying the product it creates a chemical reaction so that the dirt is loosened, making it easier to rinse off the dirt. Next to that is the pH-neutral product also ideal for removing brake dust.


Type of dirt

The dirt on a rim consists of mineral pollution (brake dust which is baked onto the wheel) and oily dirt. Acidic wheel cleaners are normally used to clean the mineral pollution and the alkaline for oily dirt. However as a result of the further development of the surfactants used in alkaline wheel cleaners, Kenotek can now offer alkaline wheel cleaners that give a perfect result in combination with mechanical action. pH-neutral wheel cleaners have been gaining market share and is considered the latest innovation in the range of wheel cleaners.