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Summer is coming!


Ok, the weather is not always what we expect, but summer is coming close now. When we say summer, we say summer holidays. Every year, a lot of people take the car and drive to their holiday destination. A lot of media advice people to have a check-up at your car dealer to see if the lights are working, the air in the tyres is fine, etc.

We, the Kenotek team, believe that cleaning your car is also a part of maintenance. A clean car is a happy car to start your vacation. In our 1L PRO range, we have a full assortment of products to have a great maintenance on the car before you head of to your sunny destination.

First, we will clean all the brake dust away from the wheels. Wheel Cleaner Ultra is a pH neutral, which is also highly effective. The advantage of this wheel cleaner is the red color marking on the wheels when the products reacts with the iron particles of the brake dust. So don’t worry, this is normal, it is cleaning. The second option is Wheel Cleaner, a strong product that removes brake dust and road grime. 

After the wheels, you can start cleaning your body work. The insect season has started, so before using a pH neutral shampoo, spray some Anti Insect first so insects will come off easier. You can use it on the front of the car and your wind screen. Brilliant Wash is a gloss enhancing shampoo with has a water repellent effect. Snow Foam is a pH neutral shampoo with an intense green apple perfume and thick creamy foam.

Interior cleaning is also important to remove stubborn stains on upholstery, textile or plastic. Interior Cleaner removes them easily and will remove nicotine stains, sugar stains, and so on. The perfume gives a nice finish touch in the car. After cleaning, you can enhance the lifetime of your leather seats with our Leather Cream. It cleans, protects and feeds the leather. And hey, why not using it on your leather belt, wallet or sofa. Vinyl & Leather Conditioner is highly recommended to give your plastic a boost after cleaning.

We recommend our Glass Cleaner to clean your windows so you have a spot free window to look through when driving to your sunny destination. For the people who want their car to be in the most perfect condition, we have some products to uplift your car. Tyre & Plastic Gloss for example is used to give a gloss to your tyres. It looks nice, but it also repels water and keeps your tyres better maintined. You can use this also as engine dressing.

Last but not least, you can choose 2 products that makes your surface smoother. Showroom Shine is a quick spray wax that removes fingerprints, is anti-static and leaves a deep gloss to your paint work. Another option is Polish & Wax. Next to the deep gloss and high-end protection, this also removes impurities and small scratches.

It is a complete range, but your car is now well protected for a nice holiday with the family. Enjoy the holidays and drive safe!