Kenotek launch in Russia

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Kenotek launch in Russia

The intensive development of Russia in the past nine years had less to an increase of number of vehicles by more than 40%. Such growth could not bypass a well-developing infrastructure of automotive service and care for a multimillion-car fleet. Numerous automobile repair shops are now offering a new type of car care service. Market saturation gives place to quality and, therefore, to needs in proper and shiny cars.

That is why Kenotek is proud to introduce to you “Kenotek Russia”. From now on, our own Russian Kenotek team will put the Kenotek brand into the Russian market and they will distribute our products all over Russia.  

Of course, we stick to the Kenotek values. Also in Russia, we want to be a trusted partner for vehicle care and transport professionals by creating a complete and user-friendly concept to help them offer a high quality program to their end-customers.

You can read our Russian Kenotek catalogue here or ask your Kenotek contact for more information. Follow Kenotek Russia on Facebook and Instagram