Product in the picture February 2018

Today, car washes want to create more time for their customers to offer them personalized services. They can do this by using their chemicals in a more efficient way. Therefore, easy to use and fast working chemicals are the answer.  Kenotek just happens to have the perfect solution for this! 

A 3 in 1 product: Cargo 4100 Forté is 1 product that can be used to clean all exterior parts. We can offer you an appropriate solution in different dilutions for bodywork cleaning, wheel cleaning and insect removal. Even for tarpaulin renovation we achieve great results.

Cargo 4100 Forté has a strong degreasing power and ensures an efficient cleaning of stubborn traffic film. The specific foaming guarantees a good coverage of the entire vehicle and a better soaking power of the dirt. Cargo 4100 Forté is a unique product suitable for touch-less applications.