• CP 3400

CP 3400

Concentrated alkaline carwash-powder
  • concentrated alkaline carwash powder
  • for automatic dosing systems
  • good foaming power
  • high sequestrating power
  • easy to rinse off
  • micro powder for easy solubility
  • suitable for use in soft and hard water
  • green apple perfume
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Concentrated alkaline carwash-powder for use via
automatic dosing systems. Can be used to clean the
exterior of all kinds of vehicles.
Good foaming power and a pleasant, green apple
fragrance. High sequestrating power, easy solubility,
lukewarm water adapted and economical in use.

Available packages: 25 KG

  • Concentraton: 10 - 20 gr./min.
  • High pressure: 8 -15 L/min at 100 - 120 bar.
  • T°: 50 - 60°C.