Bakery/ butchery/ fish shop

Keno™soft N
Non-perfumed soft hand soap
  • gentle non-perfumed hand soap
  • protects and softened the hands
  • created for frequent use
Meca Clean
For greasy and dirty hands!
  • handsoap for greasy ant dirty hands
  • removes oil, paint, fat, bad smells,...
  • gentle scrubbing beads
  • very soft for hands
  • cosmetic quality
Multi Action
Powerful cleaner for floors and surfaces
  • degreases and cleans
  • suitable for all surfaces
  • environmentally friendly composition
Rinsing product for the dishwasher
  • extra shining
  • for all types of water (hard and soft)
  • economic in use
Rinse G
Concentated product
  • concentrated rinsing product
  • for industrial glass washers
  • streak-free drying result
  • protective effect
Rinse HD
Concentrated product
  • highly concentrated rinsing product
  • for industrial dishwashers
  • for use with high water hardness
  • economic in use
Cleaning and maintenance product for stainless steel surfaces
  • ready-to-use
  • especially developed for surfaces in stainless steel
  • gives protection and shine
Alkaline cleaning product for automated dish washing
  • concentrated liquid cleaner
  • for automated dishwashers
  • excellent cleaning results
  • stain removal
Wash G
Highly concentrated alkaline cleaning product glass washers and sensitive materials
  • concentrated, alkaline cleaner
  • wash glasses
  • in dishwashing machines
Wash HD
Concentrated product to wash dishes
  • concentrated detergent
  • for dishwashers
  • perfect in case of hard water
  • economic in use
Wash Ultra
Alkaline cleaning product for automated dish washing
  • alkaline cleaning product
  • for dishwasher