DM Cid S Extra
Alkaline foam cleaner based on chlorine
  • Powerful alkaline cleaner
  • Good degreasing and bleaching agents
  • Strong foaming properties
DM Cid S Ultra
Alkaline foam cleaner and disinfectant
  • Combined alkaline cleaner-disinfectant
  • Strong foaming
Alkaline chlorine foam cleaner for sensitive materials.
  • Alkaline chlorine foam cleaner
  • For sensitive materials
DM Cid Ultra
Alkaline CIP cleaner and disinfectant
  • Alkaline cleaning & disinfecting product
  • CIP
  • Food Industry
DM Clean Eco
Strong alkaline CIP cleaner
  • Alkaline CIP product
  • Cleaning of storage tanks, pipes and CIP installations.
  • Ideal for use in soft water
DM Clean Extra
Excellent degreasing capacity and extra foam inhibiting components!
  • - non foaming CIP cleaner
  • - cleaning of storage tanks, tubular systems and cip installations
  • - degreasing capacity
  • - foam inhibiting components
DM Clean Forte
Alkaline cleaner with high-complexing power
  • Alkaline single-fase cleaner
  • time saving
  • high-complexing power
DM Clean R
Chlorine free alkaline cleaner for milking robots and CIP
  • Strong alkaline cleaner
  • Suitable for use in soft water
  • Non foaming formula for CIP applications
DM Clean SL
Non foaming cleaner for the entire food industry
  • alkaline cleaner
  • non-foaming
  • extra corrosion inhibitors
DM Clean Super
Excellent degreasing properties!
  • - Alkaline CIP product
  • - extra degreasing properties
  • - soft and medium hard water
DM Clean Ultra
Strong alkaline CIP cleaner
  • strong alkaline cleaner
  • non foaming
  • CIP installations, equipment and all surfaces
DM Foam S Forte
Highly concentrated foam cleaner with extra complexing capacity.
  • Strong alkaline foam cleaner
  • Strong dirt penetrating and foaming properties
  • Smoking cabinets and heavily contaminated materials