• Kenolon Ceramic Shield V1

Kenolon Ceramic Shield V1

Ceramic coating for detailing professionals
  • easy to apply
  • free of aromatic solvents
  • makes the colour of the vehicle more intense and darker
  • UV and corrosion resistant
  • super hydrophobic effect
  • time saving as treatment reduces the need for further maintenance
Availability Not all CID LINES products are available in all countries.For information about availability of a specific product, please contact your CID LINES dealer
Kenolon Ceramic Shield V1 is a premium coating on a SiO2 base. It is designed to meet the highest requirements in the professional detailing world. Due to its unique composition it will make the paintwork more scratch resistant and much easier to maintain. It is extremely resistant to all kinds of weather and many chemicals. Where traditional waxes and sealants are relatively easily affected by strong alkaline cleaners and mechanical friction, Kenolon Ceramic Shield V1 maintains optimal presence for months. It will harden up the paint to a maximum of 9 H. The complex and hard structure ensures that potential scratches and sweeps on the bodywork reduce. With proper care, this coating can easily give 3 years of protection.
  • The coating can be applied at a temperature between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Do not apply in high humidity or in direct sunlight. Work panel per panel.
  • Shake the bottle well before use (always wear the provided nitrile gloves)
  • Apply with the applicator pad + applicator cloth in a crisscross pattern
  • Ensure proper distribution of the coating, until there is no more residue or blur visible
  • Go over the treated surface with the Kenolon microfibre cloth
  • Never wait longer than 3 minutes between the application of the coating and the use of the Kenolon microfibre cloth