Kenotek PRO

Textile Cleaner
Concentrated textile cleaner
  • concentrated textile cleaner
  • super efficient cleaning
  • cleans thoroughly upholstery
  • can be used on textile, plastic, leather,...
  • removes the most stubborn stains
  • pleasant perfume
Tyre & Plastic gloss
high-quality tyre & plastic gloss
  • high-quality
  • provides deep gloss
Tyre Dressing
Revitalises tires and plastic parts
  • revitalises tires and plastic parts
  • longlasting high-gloss effect
  • water and grime repellent
  • ready to use
Vinyl & Leather Conditioner
Renews plastics and leather
  • give your interior a boost
  • renews plastic and leather
  • ready to use
Wet-wipes Dashboard Conditioner
Dashboard wet-wipe
  • wet-wipe which renews plastic and leather
  • gloss booster
  • anti static
  • pleasant perfume
Wet-wipes Glass Cleaner
Glass cleaner wet-wipe
  • fast glass cleaner wet-wipe
  • cleaning without smearing
  • alcohol based
  • removes efficiently nicotine and air-conditioning deposit
  • ammonia free
Wheel Cleaner
Strong RTU wheel cleaner
  • strong cleaner for rims
  • removes black deposit and road grime
  • safe to use
Wheel Cleaner Ultra
pH neutral wheel cleaner and fall out remover
  • highly effective pH neutral wheel cleaner
  • fall-out remover
  • color marking on the dirt (visual effect)
  • safe to use