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Active Foam Cherry
Acid activated high foaming shampoo
  • slightly acid activated shampoo
  • high foaming
  • easy to rinse off
  • Neutralizes alkalinity on the vehicle to improve the drying result
  • intense cherry fragrance
Anti Foam
neutralises foam in waterrecycling units
  • neutralises foam in waterrecycling units
Anti Insect
Powerful insect remover
  • removes fast and effortless all insects
  • to use on the bodywork and windscreens
  • suitable as prewash
  • caustic free
  • fresh lime perfume
Aqua Rinse
Drying agent with sheeting effect
  • concentrated drying agent
  • sheeting effect
  • binds minerals for a spotless drying result
  • applied with low pressure
Blue Brilliant Polish
Strong concentrated 3-in-1 wax dryer
  • concentrated gloss wax dryer
  • dries, shines and gives a good paintwork protection
  • suitable for PDI centers
  • free from mineral oils and silicone
Brilliant Wash
High quality pH neutral shampoo with gloss effect
  • high quality gloss shampoo
  • water repellent, with wax effect
  • soft for the hands
  • low foaming
  • grapefruit perfume
Car Foam
pH neutral shampoo
  • concentrated pH neutral shampoo
  • high foaming
  • for manual and automatic car washing
  • fresh lemon perfume
Car Foam Extra
pH neutral foaming shampoo with fragrance
  • triple concentrated pH neutral shampoo
  • high foaming
  • economic in use
  • intense green apple fragrance
Cargo 2500
concentrated alkaline exterior cleaner
  • alkaline cleaner
  • foaming action
  • suitable for all vehicles
  • contains ingredients that are recognized in food industry, in the cleaning operations (HACCP methodology)
Cargo 2800
Concentrated alkaline exterior cleaner
  • concentrated alkaline exterior cleaner
  • efficient degreaser
  • foaming action
  • also used for tarpaulin cleaning
Cargo 2900
Highly alkaline exterior cleaner
  • Suitable for hard water
  • Low foaming
  • Touchless cleaning
  • Dosage 1-4%
Cargo 3000
Concentrated alkaline exterior cleaner
  • concentrated alkaline exterior cleaner
  • high foaming
  • strong degreasing capacity and protein removal
  • removes efficiently traffic film and greasy dirt
  • suitable for indirect food contact applications