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Het textiel of lederen interieur van jouw auto vereist een specifiek onderhoud

It can be tough sometimes for the interior of a car, it needs maintenance and care on a regular base. Depending on whether it has a textile or leather interior, both require a specific maintenance. Many people are not aware of the factors to which their car's interior is exposed. Let's face a hard winter or a hot summer. The temperatures that affect the interior of a car are very different, from -15°C to + 70°C.

That's why KENOTEK offers a range of products developed with the utmost care in our labs to handle the interior of your car as efficiently as possible.




TEXTILE CLEANER: Stains on a textile interior are unavoidable after some time; Textile Cleaner provides the ideal solution. The product must be evenly divided and allowed to its operating time. Adapted to the contamination, a soft brush or a soft lint-free cloth is ideal for treating the surface. Hard scrubbing is definitely not advisable because in this way the textile fibers can get damaged, soft rubbing is ideal. The actual result can only be seen when the textile is completely dried up. If the desired effect has not yet been reached after one treatment, it should be repeated again.






MULTI-D: When textile cleaner is unable to remove your stains, we still have Multi-D. This is a more powerful interior cleaner that also has a degreasing effect. Easily removes oil traces, nicotine, ink, ...





Leather which is not provided with the necessary care will dry out and burst much faster, to prevent this KENOTEK developed the following  products:


LEATHER CREAM: Is not just a cream that provides the leather with the necessary flexibility but also has a cleaning effect. Spreads a new leather odor, ensures cleaning and good protection. Made with high quality materials and suitable for achieving the best results.

Attention! Before using the Leather Cream it is very important to shake it well. After this, the product can be applied on a soft lint-free cloth and needs to be massaged evenly.






TEXTILE CLEANER: With stubborn contamination, our Textile Cleaner can be seamlessly applied to your leather interior parts. Evenly spray to the surface from top to bottom, avoiding excessive product drips. Rub the surface thoroughly with a soft lint-free cloth. After treatment with Leather Cream is advisable.






VINYL & LEATHER CONDITIONER: This product renews your plastic and leather in a snap. The product should be evenly sprayed to let it dry out.  If it is desired that the surface has a matte finish, it is necessary to rub afterwards with a soft lint-free cloth.




We can decide that in the case of a generally correct maintenance of the interior of your car, it is first and foremost a pleasant stay and that you can enjoy much longer in an impeccable condition. At last, let’s not forget that the condition of your interior is also important at the end of your car’s use, it will definitely determine its sales value.