F 100
Neutral floor cleaner with remaining fragrance.
  • highly concentrated neutral cleaner
  • low foaming
  • strong-smelling cleaner
  • long and relaxing effect
  • doesn’t leave stripes after drying
F 200
Nourishing concentrated floor cleaner with long lasting perfume
  • strong cleaning product
  • low foaming
  • cleaner with long lasting perfume
  • nourishing floor cleaner
  • protects floor and makes them shine
  • leaves a relaxing and pleasant scent after cleaning
F 300
Universal powerful floor cleaner for manual and automatic use
  • Degreasing floor cleaner
  • Prevents lime deposits
  • Non-foaming
  • Improves the slip resistance
F 400
Strong and concentrated alkaline floor cleaner for heavily soiled floors
  • strong degreasing floor cleaner
  • low foaming
  • removes black stripes and rubber track and traces
  • manual and automatic use
F 500
Food graded alkaline floor cleaner for soiled floors
  • strong and concentrated alkaline product
  • good cleaning activity
  • to use on heavily soiled floors
  • low foaming
  • removes black stripes and rubber track and traces
F 600
Polymer wax for protection and maintenance of floors
  • polymer wax
  • protection and maintenance
  • durable, non stripe and sensitive protection
F 650
Alkaline stripper for the removal of all kinds of coatings
  • alkaline stripper
  • removes floor coatings
Kenolux SP100
Kenolux SP400-S
Kenolux T400
Concentrated cleaning and disinfecting product without streaking
S 100
Concentrated sanitary cleaner
  • concentrated acid cleaner
  • for daily or periodic cleaning
  • removes lime scale and organic dirt
  • pleasant perfume
  • shining effect
S 200
Sanitary descaler
  • powerful acid cleaner
  • removes lime scale
  • improved efficiency
  • quick-acting
  • ready-to-use