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Cleaning your carwash installation


Washing your car in a clean environments is a must.

Getting rid of calcium and other minerals left on the carwash construction is not always an easy job.
Pro 400 makes this an easy task.

  • Dilute the product into the water at 10 – 15% (depending on the level of dirt)

  • Apply the solution on the surfaces

  • Leave the product on during 1 to 2 minutes

  • Rinse off with high pressure

Your installation will look as good as new!


Do not apply on hot surfaces, do not apply in direct sunlight, do not let dry.
For more information, please read the safety data sheet and the technical data sheet.


Rinsing with osmose water improves the performance of Pro 400.

Apply the dilution bottom-up, in order to avoid runs and sags.