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How to use the Easy wash foam set


Cleaning trucks and trailers should be two things: easy and fast. Using the right equipment and chemicals will help you a lot in order to achieve this. Our Easywash foam set in combination with Cargo 4100 Forté is a perfect match. This will help you to clean your trucks in an efficient, fast and time saving manner. The equipment is easy to install, and will not only save time but will also reduce water and chemical use.

Where the hose leaves the high pressure machine, we install the Easywash Foam Set between the high pressure machine and the hose, creating a by-pass for the foam gun. The injector takes the concentrated chemical straight from the drum. You don’t need to premix the product. Another advantage of this system is that it is delivered with a separate hose of 20m. This improves the flexibility as you can apply the foam, and then rinse of with separate hoses. You don’t need to switch between the foam gun and the lances.